ooops he did it again

Once more he's done it again.
My dear boyfriend cancelled our date today. No reason. Says he'll see me later.

i was to perform my first piece of poetry at a friends poetry event today, and he was meant to be there. Told him about it two weeks ago when he cancelled our previous one.
I cancelled my performance. Told all my friends i'm not doing poetry. They're disappointed. Ultimately i'm disappointed with myself, for letting one person spoil my mood and for not being strong enough to do it on my own...

Sincerely speaking how do you love someone and they're never there for you? I'm not going to talk to him until Tuesday. I'm that annoyed with him!

I nearly cancelled my attendance for big p's dinner. but i just decided to go... Maybe it'll be fun?

Holiday mananas


I knew i'd get bored of my holidays after just one weekend! 

Although i did go for a movie with the guys on Tuesdays (Knight & Day: cliche Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie) and had lunch with them, there hasn't been much else to do! Shock realization when i was talking to chubaka, i've seen nearly the entire city! If i had a car i'd venture out of the city. Well there's a task i'd love to do here, Manor hunting! Yes, i love old houses! Especially the ones with historic value. I'd go see around and take photos!
I wish we had automobile museums here! AHA, i'll go see the railway museum. As ran as it is, i shall check it out...
I have a cold! AGAIN! it best go by Saturday, there's a dinner at a friend's house and there's wine! And Gin. Rumour has it that infamous grouse might appear. I want to enjoy it without a runny nose thank you very much...

Currently i'm reading a book, by this hilarious author called Bill Bryson. It's called a short history of nearly everything and trust me this book's quite knowledgeable, if not hilarious! I learned a new word to insult a distasteful person: Coprolite- Fossiled faeces. True story. I had the giggles for 3 minutes whilst little just stared at me.
Aaaaah yes, i finally have a book to read, which will take me another two days to finish (shock) then i'll revert to moaning about being bored... I wanna get some book, who's title i forget, by Marian Keyes... She's absolutely hilarious! Always writes about stranded women with funny situations.... i remember one called Water Melon, which i used to hide behind my English textbook and read during classtime. Mind you, that book circulated boys, not girls, boys hands for that whole term! Good times..

My playstation's dying! Lens is not reading discs. Damn. Xbox has never intrigued me. So for now its beating up the damn console and tilting it at funny angles to make it read the disc! Reeeeead eeeeeeet dameeeeeet! 

Righty then, a few interesting events are coming up, like blowing bubbles in the middle of the street to support peace, attending poetry gig, aaaaand a fabulous looking concert laaater week after next. And laptop shopping! Old or new it's still going to be a delightful experience... My sister has urogi ?(witch doctored/curses) placed on her laptop. It just randomly blacks out! Sigh. i know it's the heat sink.... 

More from me later....

|Free love- Depeche Mode|

A new look?

I've been working on/worked on this layout for like 3 hours!
Yes my dear audience, i taught myself (the hard way and through googling stuff) how to edit HTML and stuff! Just the basics. today, i learned the total use of CTRL key + F. Finding strings manually was a total BITCH! Gah! But the results are nice....

I've revamped the whole site/blog/nye nye nye, and added more of my causes, the blog catalogues im listed in (hopefully) and even added a whole new page that has photos which i took and will be taking myself! I'll add a video one later, it'll have aaaaall my favourite vids in it, both musical and other stuff.
Generally, like the colours, they're soft and welcoming yet happy at the same time! It was this or some other one with a red couch which i removed AFTER i saw it on another blog... And it didn't quite appeal to me like this one did!  If i'm to be more mature, i gotta look it! So voila!I hope you all like it...

As i mentioned here i'll still be the same cuppatea, but with more opinions and content.
And I'll try to whine less hihi...

|Change-Taylor Swift|

leisurely times

So, my little recess has begun, and on a very amusing note! 
After weeks of waiting, small p, m and i went mini golfing at the village market mall... It's the only place in Nairobi that seems to have mini golf. I like golf! The concentration, the etiquette, the courses.... Naturally i'd love mini golf. One thing i did learn, it's strokes are way more focused that ordinary golf. how? Well, put it like this, you can't stroke with alot of power, or power for that matter! My ball got lost in the flowers in the second hole... But it was fun nevertheless! I emerged 2nd place, small p third, and m first. M has had previous experience with that course so he wasn't handicapped. I must dominate that course! It's well kept and it's got some nice, challenging holes... And of course it's beautiful! That day the sun came out to shine, not too hot though.

Later on, we caught up with A and sir j, not before accidentally running into the original mr man in the process (i'm bumping into him everywhere!). I went and said hi, he was with a friend and i didn't wanna seem like i was intruding (yeah, sitting down next to him and asking how things are is sooooo not intrusion), so i let them be. We went to the arte caffe at my favourite mall, just generally caught up... It was a relaxed evening. I didn't feel like going out. I doubt anyone was. So i went home afterwards. 

Sunday was spent lounging in the house. I didn't even leave the estate. I decided to explore music. And guess whom i found to be rather interesting?

Him! Andrea Bocelli (photo credit: is an Italian classical/new age composer/musician and he has the most amazing voice ever! He's blind by the way. But His songs are so romantic, there's one called con te partire (time to say goodbye) that gave me goosebumps! Enchanting it was. I could imagine myself slow dancing to that song with someone. I would learn Italian just to understand what he's singing about! He's as exciting as Enya when i discovered her. Music really delights me...

Today, i was indoors again. I woke up at 5am to a loud "bang bang sizzle sizzle kzzt kzzt", complete with blue light. All this through my curtains, which mind you, were drawn. Yes my dear audience, that there was the spectacular performance of an electricity transformer blowing up/sellf destructing. "Bloody hell, there won't be electricity today" i said to myself. I went back to sleep. True to my word, it really did go all day! It's been a long, dull and cold Monday. It came back at 4pm. Tomorrow, i must leave the house! There's that Tuesday movie offer at the cinema... Will i go alone?

Finally, finding a new, just as colourful template has been a total headache! i'm still looking...  
A demain.

|Romanza- Andrea Bocelli|

A bowl of thoughts 2

This is my first truly explicit post in a while. I just feel like writing my heart out! And what's in it. You may need a stiff drink. Or a duvet. Both!

First, material things. 
My bag is tearing up worse! I need to replace it soon.....after i replace my wardrobe. You know things are bad when your friends start predicting what you're gonna wear the next day. And i need bright coloured underclothes. Why? Becaue when i was doing a certain exam on Thursday and i was smack in the middle of the class, and people were bent over their papers, i saw things. Ladies you are not excluded! First of all, WHY do guys wear such boring coloured boxers? YES, i could see chap's boxers! And butt cracks! But lets focus on those boxers... The only interesting one i saw was a green one with repeat print of a deer's silhouette. The rest were gray, white, black, brown.... yawn. Why was i looking at boxers? Question 3 was difficult. And they were right there infront of me! Sue me. So i'd like something interesting because when i'm bending over (silly, not like that!) People will see my interesting selection of underwear and think "hmmmmm, that person has such colourful undies, he must be interesting" OR "OMG what a freak!" 

And theeeen, i hate not having a laptop. I'm lappieless for now. I don't think my siblings like it when i use theirs.... and Churchill has joked! He wants me to get a refurb. "A what now?" i ask. "Yes you know your demands are not many, it can get lost etc etc and their expensive to replace." said he. Ummmmmm..... WHAT! Okay i admit, i sulked. He's right though. But, i sat down and thought about it. Yes the only things i do or would do are office work, the internet, music listening and movie watching and light graphic manipulation. So, With a deep sigh, i'm bracing myself for like a 5 year old thing. Or something. Hey it's something some people (from loaded families too) don't have. I should be grateful. Should be. It would help if he didn't get himself an N900 or give my brother an xperia. But boohooo. I'll make do with whatever i get. Besides, i'm sooooo in love with these IBM/Lenovo lappies! Simple but powerful ( they were back in the day). As i'm asked "why not an old pavillion?", Well, pavillions and their lid graphics are just attention seekers AND they're not as durable. AND my neighbour has an old IBM thinkpad that has like, a 166mhz processor running windows 98 and it still works and serves him to this day. If slim and light/durability is my thing is should consider one of these.
"Those boring things are so daddy like" my classmate said. "you're boring."

There it was. That word again. "boring".

I seem to have become an utter bore lately...Based on people's opinions (which they failed to conceal). M said "you've lost your cuppateaness", another said "why aren't you noisy anymore?". It hurts that they say that. Ofcourse i brush it off and say "naaaaaah" but the other day, that night when i was randomly awake, i really did some thinking...It might be true. When's the last time i went to an art gallery or got drunk or went to a concert? All i seem to do lately is worry or get stressed or mood swings.... School dominates my life, especially this short semester that has gone by... whatever happened to not caring? Is that really how Adults look at life? I still get my bursts of happiness! just not as often. And i still try to be positive and look at life positively! But it's getting harder by the day! People and things are making it harder for me to keep looking at them positively, and that, my friends, is becoming a real problem for me. I want to be happy, is that too much to ask? Well, I'll still remain optimistic and try to do my best to be a positive, happy go lucky kinda guy...

I returned a certain item belonging to an ex. I gave small p the key D gave me. It's nice that they have something special going on... I saw D today properly for the first time in a while... Well, he's pretty much the same... Dare he hurt small p in anyway he'll be in trouble with me! i wish them well though...

I haven't heard from superman in two days. i've been doing those exams and trying not to worry about him. Which i sorta have. i'm clocking a year sexless (its turned into a drought) and sincerely speaking, i don't know if i should find someone to put out this fire or i just sit down, meditate and pray it just goes away. I've known this bloke for 7 months now and he's had soooooooooo many chances to romance me. the most we ever do is just serious making out but he never goes beyond that... even when i encourage him to. He "freaks out" so he says. Gay sex freaks him out. i still haven't figured out why. I don't know why i'm writing this btw. Anyway, love making is an important part of a relationship... it builds bonds between lovers... Right now, i'm only experiencing this emotionally.Superman means the world to me, but he's not touching me, which makes me feel like, like, i'm not... attractive or i don't mean much to him. I've talked to him about this. His say? "it will come with time". Oh joy. Being a Libra means i have so much patience...Merciful God get me through this...

I'm going to have a random holiday. I shan't make plans, they will come as the days go by...I bet you i'll be waking up early. This always happens. The days i wanna sleep i end up being woken up by the dog, my sisters, the ayah or....planes at ludicrously low heights. 

|Until the rainbow burns the stars out of the sky
Until the ocean covers every mountain high
Until the day that 8 times 8 times 8 is 4
Until the day that is the day that are no more---------->George Michael & Mary J Blige- As|

Nocturnal Emo

I came across this on a site called "six billion secrets"... It's like post secret but more.... open and secretive at the same time. Basically it's a site where people post their secrets anonymously. Its got its moments...
So i came across this at like 4a.m yesterday. I couldn't sleep (i'll explain at the end of the week) so i found myself on the Internet looking at such random sites.

This particular entry moved me at such an hour. Hats off and a hug to the person that posted it.

"You wanna know something?

You are Beautiful.

Black, White, Gay, Straight, Bisexual,
Whether you're smart or quiet or impossibly in love with your best friend,
someone out there cherishes your smile and gets butterflies when you walk into a room.

Someone out there can't stop thinking about you. 
You are beautiful, don't ever believe differently." 

|I was carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees
I'll never marry but Ohio don't remember me---->bloodbuzz Ohio- The National|

l8r little blue guy

Little blue guy has gone! No no, i wasn't mugged (touch wood quick!) BUT instead, he got sold. Yezzir, in accordance with growing up, i also need a new machine that will serve me better for longer. SO little bue guy has gone home to a very nice lady. I hope she treats him well. how did it go? Well imagine such a conversation with Churchill (my father):
Me: "can you get me a bigger laptop, someone called mine a toy!"
Churchill: "Sure, wait for the end of the month."
I forgot to mention that someone on campus called it a toy, and i took that personally. besides 8gb of space wasn't enough for me. AND multitasking's a bitch on it. Not more than 6 apps could be opened. So yeah! It's gone... he'll top up on top of the amount i got from selling little blue guy off.

What shall i get next? I went window shopping with small p... There's all these generic/mitumba (exhibition) laptops that i don't like, like these HP cq60/61, G50/60, Pavilions, various Toshiba L-series laptops, some boring Acers... i swear i'm about to land in a dilemma! The only nice ones i saw were an HP 620 with it's minimalist design, and a pro book by the same company. Their massive! i'm used to ferrying around a 1kg netbook, not a 3kg monster! I'm not buying another netbook because after i buy this future laptop, i dont wanna think of another one until 2014. It has to be really good.

So i can't get a mac because they're waaaay too expensive here and i'm told it's not cool buying a secondhand one from ebay because they bring issues like dead pixels. Not cool at all... 
Soooooooka, how will i go about this?  I like individual computing, i.e having something not too popular (unlike like the E-class & RR sport's that have surged in number on our roads, popular much? yes.), au contraitre i'd like something unique. And NOT a Packard Bell. those have quirky keyboards/touch pads.

Price is an issue as well. Churchill believes just because i'm a student i shouldn't get something flashy. Or expensive. The expensive part i understand but hey, i believe in style. Style comes with a price tag!

Ah, i'll let you know in a few weeks time. For now, my trusty desktop/phones will have to do...

|your love is my drug-Ke$ha|

The way forward

Ghastly week i tell you...
I've finished my classes for the semester! YAEY! How am i celebrating this? I'm at home. Not the pub with all my other schoolmates (sigh). I have lots of reading to do! Next week's semester finals and i sooo need to pass better in comparison with the last semester.. OH, the semester ended with me giving a shitty presentation (i didnt read enough) and my group mates were so....not selling it! And i lost my assignment too so now i have to mail it to the lecturer. Oh joy. I should write "dear lecturer, here's my assignment, which everyone copied from and sent before me so it really looks like I did the copying! gimme marks!"

So, the voting poll is closed! My little audience have decided that i should put in a new theme for this blog... 4 voted change, 3 voted keep and three voted meh. No, My electoral comminssion was rather fair, no waiting on some provinces results or rushed in swearing in (in my case layout change)... So no violence please!
Look out for the new layout soon... Again, why am i changing it? Well, i'm growing up. So is the blog. Think of it like a facelift for a car... Although, i am seriously thinking of migrating to wordpress... see blogger doesnt allow static pages... unless severe html coding is done (which ill get cracking at soon). It would be a headache starting from scratch, having new followers, a whole new editing system...

So i'm still here for now. Simple blogging at the press of a button... Google pay me now with a nexus one please? I've marketed your product! gimme.... SO the blog will still be like this, but add boldness to it. How? It means more of sexuality will appear instead of me me me... an example you ask? well, i'm going to be talking more about men and other things like how some people's dicks appear as an outline on their trousers which leaves you wondering, "what is down there?". Okay fine, it's being abit perverse. But honestly speaking, the most unscrupulous characters have weapons of mass seduction down there!

Speaking of marketing, i wanna change my concentration to that field. I know it's gonna cause looooots of drama from everyone in my family, Thatcher and Churchill included! Management is abit boring... Marketing's looking fun! Especially if i did CIM (Chartered institute of Marketers) profession... I'm still doing research though, as to what career opportunities lie in that field.

Lately, i notice freedom of expression is really dying on some networking sites... this is sad. Even on some blogs i read, the authors dont express themselves, because their friends follow them.... Twitter and fakebook as well. I have a voice and i refused to be silenced by stupid fuckery in the name of "being polite". To hell with politeness, if i wanna express myself i will! This is my blog and i will say words like fuck, shit, ass, arse, Motherfucker, bitch, dick, buttfucker etc etc! SO THERE! I will still be completely honest with my thoughts and opinions! As in blogging etiquette my brown arse... HOW DARE "THEY"!!! "THEY" are killing creativity and expressions! "ooooo look at us we're snooty people who go round judging others and declaring them unfit to read.." WANKERS! Who's asked you whether someone wants to fit in to society's ideas of what a blog should be? I get enough of that from physical society I DON'T NEED THAT ONLINE!! GO GET EATEN BY SAVAGE HIPPOS!!!! God...

And with those so few words i'm off to read.. Supposedly. I found myself watching this instead... tihihi...

down & up

Have you ever sat down and just massaged your head because of stress?
I have been doing that every day of this week! But why, you ask?
well, i hit a snag with superman that made me successfully annoyed for 3 bloody days! What happened? Well, he changed his facebook to "open relationship" and i found out the next day, when i logged in and BAM! it's just right there as the first entry in the news feed! He didn't even go by it without thinking of what would happen, lest even go through it with me first...You think i'm over reacting right? Older audiences, young people like me take social networking seriously... I know people who've been dumped via status update, relationship change or via the most embarrassing way, wall post or inbox! The point is, i wasn't happy about it. Being in an open relationship means you're seeing someone but other people are there as "options".

So i met up with him yesterday with the support of my girlfriends. 
While they were making noise on one side of the table, i was talking to him on the other side. Oh mind you i'd called him Thursday night. 10 minute conversation that was just.... it needed a meeting.
To cut a long story short, he's very sorry. Again. And he means it. He says he'd never date a guy again if we ever broke up "God forbid". You know some people are just Danda heads! He's one of them. He didn't know that open relationship meant that... Yeah i'm not  making excuses for him. Thats a fact, he didn't know. Anyhoo, He is sorry and still sees a future for us... I'm excited about that! You know i couldn't have talked to him candidly if those girls weren't there... Weird i know... Anyway, i still love my dandahead superman, very much so..
And then he's friends with someone i HATE!! Oh my goodness. Remember this post? HIM!!! I have told him over and over that i don't like this person. I doubt he understands. I will not tolerate him for now. Superman says i'm developing an attitude that i never had. I know, i know, tables got turned right? Maybe he's right.
I met superman's brother. superman insisted i meet the brother. Good looks run in that family! I'm honoured actually, that superman intro'd me to his big brother... Not as his boyfriend though, but a best friend. Right, even a brain dead monkey would see we're an item...

School. I'd like my holiday now! Semester finals next week, i haven't even started reading properly... I did presentations last week (no one clapped for me, lecturer included, someone's getting booed soon!) and i have one more this week---tomorrow actually, and a CAT!!! I told you environmental management shagged me. The whole class actually. So a make up cat.  I'm going to be balancing life between home and school until the end of the month... 

So, i went for poetry yesterday with those girlfriends of mine. It was rather nice! Guess what? i'll perform at the next gig! I've been/being encouraged to do it. If they can, so can i! Afterwards i met up with the guys, minus two. I ended up getting home at midnight! Luckily i talked to my brother and he said it was fine, so long as i'm not drinking. Yeah there's always a catch. Hyper acidity even stopped me from drinking. Okay i can make it, Not drinking's not a bad thing. I miss beer! And shopping! And concerts and stuff! Going for this one was sooooo much fun! OH, superman was meant to have come with me, front row seats et al, but he cancelled because he had a dinner to attend to (i wasn't invited) so i nearly sulked though the girls saved me... Great poetry and spoken word! Is it bad that i LOL'd at someone's piece about leukemia and how the girl (technically) spontaneously combusted after being passionate with a man? AAAAHAHA! sorry it's funny. What will i speak about? Heres a sample:

"My dear,
I fight with you because i love you,
I hold you because i love you,
I sacrifice for you because i love you,
I cry for you because i love you,
I'm happy because i love you.
there i said it, i love you."

ummm yeah...

And i keep living...

|Bubbly-Colbie Caillat|

A letter to 13 year old me

I've been egged by @savvykenya (follow her on twitter) to write this... A letter to 13 year old cuppatea! I wish he actually got it, anyway here we go...

Get off that playstation and read this...
First of all, yes, this is you, 7 years from the day you're reading this. You're indoors again, why are you scared of the outdoors? You'll love it. Oh wait, you got grounded again didn't you. Those anger bursts need to get controlled hmm? You're less angry don't worry. Sit down, this is lengthy.

You're still small in size. You've just grown abit taller and got LOADS of body hair! And a deep voice. Yeeees boy your voice's gonna break down! Not Barry White style but deep enough for you to stop sounding like Kylie Minogue....
I wanna tell you to prepare yourself for 7 years of ups and downs...
you're going to stop crying each time you get upset. You're gonna stop trying to fit in with your bratty friends because all they'll do is take advantage of you. You're gonna stop feeling all so misunderstood. Ok not that much. But better than what you're going through... And you yourself! Stop being a brat! I understand teenagehood means you can act up buuuut, you need to calm down. Its those feelings innit?

those feelings about guys that you have in you. Don't worry about them. Everything's gonna be just fine, i promise. Soon you'll be at peace with yourself! Ok? Soon.
You fight lots with big sis but she's going to be spectacular! Bratty still but spectacular. Your brother and other sister... Hmmm....
Daddy will still be daddy... No change there...
Your lifestyle will most certainly change! Alot. I know, you're snorting at that last statement. You'll understand soon. This Harry Potter and playstation culture... Harry Potter will be so.... Lemme not be a spoiller. You will discover other more refined works. English Literature subject's going to be fun! It's boring now but just you wait, it'll be a hoot!
Boy, there are bad people coming. You won't be hurt physically but it's gonna change you. Stop taking things for granted! Please trust me on that. Everything will be fine. You've learned to be much more independent!
Your friends! Hmmm. "friends". You'll know why mum refuses and refuses some more to let you hang out with your current ones! She still does. Focus on your grades. School's going to get a whooole lot more tough! Hehe. You'll land in that high school the quiet girl went to. Eventually. And their uniform's not green anymore...
Still on the topic of friends, you're going to meet the most fascinating people from all places, and you know how you like hanging out with the year 9s? The older people? That will still continue. Yes you'll have agemates as well...infact, two very special friends will come your way! Maybe not now, but they'll come.
love. I've not found it yet (shocker innit). Okay i might have but i'm still not sure. I know you hate being alone. I still do. But, along the way you'll find out what feelings are. It's very amusing... Anyway, be prepared for heart breaks. Many. You think sex and the city has drama? Ha! You just wait....

Finally, yes, you still love cartoons and animations! And the gilmore girls. You still like travel and books. You love the arts more than ever! You'll know where you want to go...

i'm being foggy and unclear on purpose.
Little boy, YOU MUST LEARN! And you will...
I write this with all the love the world has to offer. Just for you. I'd give you the biggest hug you'd ever want! Don't worry little boy, you're going to be alright... That i promise.
Be good and behave!

older cuppatea

p.s boys are trouble. Help the bullies out with grammar, you'll get very interesting results....and you'll have a tan!

well that's that. Now i'm told i have to tag 3 people. @gaynairobiman, Tamaku and @Sidkachumbari. The light's on you now... And anyone else if they like...

of cappuccino's & men

I haven't touched a school book this weekend! Yaey me!!!
Truth be told, its my last weekend until the end of this month thats truly free. From Monday, i have to start reading for my semester finals...
what did i do this week?

Let me seeee.... I handed in my environmental management term paper. It has the Kyoto protocol agreements and review in it, as well as green marketing. I even put pictures!! Not many people put pictures in theirs. It was to make it more interesting... And then the lecturer says "oh you will even present your assignments next week!". More work to do. Luckily i'm good at presentations so this should be breeeeeezy! No class on Friday! The lecturer went somewhere. So that means longer Friday coffee? WRONG! Had to wait for the water people and the gas man to come because the house was empty, which resulted in me staying home! The whole day! Luckily i had my playstation there and a boxload of games....
That night i watched the Uruguay and Ghana match. Ghana team has seeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxy players!!! Ghana lost to Uruguay via penalties. Cuppatea was not amused. I cursed my arse off! Thats a cowardly way of winning a footie match... Sigh. I hope uruguay are SMASHED in the next match! Wankers... I slept at 3am because i was waaaaay too annoyed to sleep! So back on the playstation playing test drive unlimited (fun game!). In the process i had a text chat with Winston Churchhill about that match. I heard the African community in London was sooooooo not amused! Then my classmates called me. Drunk. "we loooost" they said. I know! I got annoyed and put off the phone (sang telephone by gaga "sorry i cannot hear you im kinda busy" as i gamed.)

Saturday! I woke to many missed calls and a few drunk texts. The guys were going on a road trip to the rift, and i didn't have enough $$$ to contribute and so i missed it! But i could've gone for free but i'd feel bad, being unable to contribute... So anyway they'd wanted to get me from home but i'd turned off my phone... Oops. Sorry it was to fend off drunk diallers after the match. 9 texts saying so and so tried to call me...ANYHOO i missed what seemed like a fun roadtrip.
Later that day i'd go to meet superman (yaey). Ummm i decided whatever it is he's not telling me isn't my business. I read a poem at wamathai's site that concluded by saying something of building up the fear yourself.... Yes i sat and thought "hmmmm that piece has a point" so insteada worrying my arse off of something minor like that i decided to just enjoy being with him. True that, when i saw him he looked fiiiiiiiiiine! Timbs and jeans with a red muscle shirt. Thats my boyfriend. Wow.
so we go sit down at a foodcourt. He knows i loathe foodcourts. But this one's fine. Ish. (Hey they have good pizza on Fridays which i'll savage when i'm done with the semester). So, we started talking about all sorts of things. Starting with his quietness etc etc. What started as a normal conversation turned into a bitchfest My goodness i had BITCHED! (BMAO: bitching my arse off) He just sat there smiling at me!
in his defence he said i "tupad" (ignored) him. I have not infact its the opposite.
why is it men like it when you, their significant other, bitch at them?
Oh thats not all, we got into the topic of friends! My word, he also had a go at me! I sat there with my arms crossed. "fine my friends dont like you, there i said it!" i said. "fine, you have your friends, i have mine." he said. Coool.... His friend comes. "aaaawww heeeeeelll no, if you've let your friend come i'm calling one of mine, deal?" i said, "deal" said he. Oh, we were arguing about school infront of his friend. (that translates to "cuppatea bitching about his boyfriend doing homework the easy way") then his friend asked about how we met. I still laugh when i think about it hehe... My God i bitched on more topics until i even felt sorry for them for sitting through my bitchery and stopped! Superman likes it when i bitch. So does his friend. Stop smiling when i'm tryna make a point!! Ah, men...
My guest would be small p. He didn't wanna come because he knew i was seeing superman. "just come, he has a friend and i need my friend." i said. So he came we all had a chat... Its nice to see superman tolerates small p. Evidently he's not too big of a fan of m. And vice versa for m. BY THE WAY, m has been "busy" playing "scrabble" these last two weeks... (figure that out yourselves!)
Later, we parted ways, superman going to pick up a project, his friend going home and small p shopping. We would be shopping for shoes!
OH. MY. GOD!!! The shoes small p got!! (vans) i like vans. His are a rare limited edition chequered flag on black with white stitching and shoelace type!! Eeeeeeeeenvy! Woot! I hope that shop will still have them in like.... Oh wait i'm on limited funding until october. Sheeeeeeeet!! I'll find a way.
We went to java! Coffee must be had. Now, there's a sexxxxxay waiter there, who mysteriously happened to be on shift! Ladies you agree that the tall, slim guy is FINE! Ill even tell you which branch, mama Ngina street! And then his limelight was stolen by another well built barista/waiter in a tight black tee.....(you do not want to know what went on in my mind. PG21: R rated even!) It was such a distracting ordeal...that must be a marketing tactic java's pulling off...and hey i can appreciate guys even if i'm seeing one! As long as i dont actualize... so small p says... Oh what a jolly fine saturday that was! Got home at 7pm. Apparenly thats my curfew. So my spoilt bratty cousin got drunk and disorderly which has made my sanctions worse. You know what? I DON'T CARE! I'll live with this. Heck i'm even talking to Thatcher again. Yes silence wont get me anywhere...
I slept so early... 10.30pm i was asleep! Tiredness of walking around that afternoon + sleeping late the previous night. I had one spectacular dream. I have new ideas for guys and work ties now... >:)
*laughs cheekily*

i sound terribly spoilled in this post don't i? Oops!

|its just a little bit of this, a little bit of that, started with a kiss now we're up to bat, a little bit of laughs, a little bit of pain, i'm telling you my babe it's all in the game of loooove....------>game of love-Carlos Santana & Michelle Branch|

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